A King's Death and a Prince's Escape

A hush settles over the crowd only for a moment as Van and his compatriots hit the dusty floor of the arena. A deafening crash of cheers returns as Siobhan, Carwyn and Sacha bask in the glory of victory. It all seems like a dream as they are swept back to their quarters and revel in their triumph.

That night, the adventurers are called to the head table at the victory feast, given a place of honor not far from the King himself. Devi meets them there, feasting alongside them and introducing them to a friend – the Sheik Visarr of San Saramel, brother to the late queen and ambassador to Ser’Rael. He is a jolly enough man, and invites the adventurers to come to his estate when they are next in the area.

Many people the adventurers know come by to congratulate them, and all seems to be in perfect order.

That evening, a young attendant gives them the form for which to fill out their boon from the king. The party settles upon titles – and land, though in no particular order.

The party speaks with the king after a brief encounter with Devi, and find themselves in a simple room with the man whose childhood name was Antonio. He seems pleased to see them, and reveals something altogether amazing to Carwyn and the others after granting their titles and lanes in a place called Rivell and sending his guards away – that the man who presented himself as the King’s brother – a man calling himself Lorenzo who was brought back to life by the power of the Jester, is also inhabiting his body, and that the two have acted as one for some time. He also confirms that the cult that has plagued the city for so long and that has been in multiple conflicts with the party is deeply tied in a financial sense to Marlais.

Just as the party begins speaking to him in a more casual manner, the unimaginable happens. His head falls to the floor, leaving a bloody stump that is quickly seared shut by the appearance of a devil – one announcing himself as Kelvar’ak of Ranatt. After a brief exchange of blows between the devil’s minions and the party, Kelvar’ak disappeared, leaving the room in flames and the party squarely in a highly suspicious position.

Devi, who had been eavesdropping on the party, helped them escape to the roof from the room’s balcony and get back to the Thieves’ Guild underneath the city. For a brief period the party recuperates there before going to visit Torq, Kiliko and Dessango and sending a message off to Lorren of the bookstore for more information on devils and a letter to the Necromancer explaining their situation.

After a brief discussion with the somewhat confused former servants of Lorenzo, the former hand, the party agrees to meet Kiliko at the prince’s balcony in the palace to spirit away the young man and save him from his highly ambitious uncle, the Duke of Marlais. Further, the party learns of the king’s contingency plan to take his son to San Saramel and to his mother’s family to raise an army and take back the throne should the need arise. Upon their return to the Thieves’ Guild, the party receives a letter from the Necromancer telling them that he will offer sanctuary if they need it and pointing out several sites of murders and atrocities committed by the cult. The party then agrees that, for the time being, the best place to hide the prince would be with the Necromancer.

Guided by the ebony-skinned Malik, a man of few words and of strange humor, the party sneaks into the royal apartments in an outfit of traveling performers – clown, juggler and musician. Convincing the guards at the prince’s door that they were expected, the party enters and encounters the prince.

Lucania stands not far from his bed in the lavish room, and his bodyguard Durante stands at the wall, armed to the teeth to protect the prince. While disbelieving at first, the two guards in the prince’s chambers transform their visages and attack the party with a monstrous, cloak-like being, dispelling all doubt for the two. Soon enough, Kiliko arrives in a floating basket held aloft by a shard of the ore brought from the mines and the party escapes with minimal casualties, taking Lucania and Durante with them.


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