Going Bananas

After a few hours of flight the party arrived at the manor home of the Necromancer, who had been expecting the party. After a night’s rest the group broke fast with the house’s master, servants, and a foreign face called ‘Ziva’. After discussing the trustworthiness of this unexpected companion the assembled entered into a discussion about the current situation, the plan from that moment, and the Necromancer’s observations that the cultist activity had created a magical circle of sorts around the castle itself. He expanded on this by telling the assembled that he believed the purpose of the cult was to resurrect their dark god, to which end they’d need a royal sacrifice. The king was apparently deemed to unpredictable, so was removed in favor of the prince. A further complication arose in the missing mirror of souls, which might have the ability in the right hands to bypass this necessity. It would have to be the goal of the party to reclaim the mirror before the time was ripe to leave for San Saramel, and the safety of their unspoken allies.

With this on their mind the party set off immediately for the capital, stopping only for a short moment on Siobhan’s demand so that she might release her animal companion to the wild because ‘it was time’. With the Necromancer’s carriage the group was able to get back into the city without qualm, returning immediately to the Thief’s Guild headquarters to retrieve their gear. While taking the time to rest before meeting Devi the group overheard a ruckus from some younger thieves in the main den, reporting that a gorilla had escaped from a street circus and was running wild. Siobhan instructed the thieves to show her to the scene, and while the party distracted the guards she calmed the creature, guiding it underground. Carwyn kept the guards busy while everyone else escaped, then lost the knights chasing him in the streets before happening to meet up with Devi to discuss their plan of action.

Once Carwyn’s plotting was finished he returned to the headquarters with task number one of garnering disguises for the group. They were directed to a particular salon where a large, bearded man took stock of them and provided them with new cuts and colors of hair while his lackeys disguised the party’s gear to something more low key. In the end Carwyn left black of hair and garb, Siobhan lost a great deal of her wild mane in favor a more common Sarameli look to make her less distinct, and Sacha left with a lighter hair and darker accoutrement to round out their disguises.


gcraig Narukenai

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