The King's Tourney

Following their return to the city Hien became deathly ill, burning up and murmuring to himself, so the party put themselves back in their room at the Lusty Queen to let him rest while they tried to discern what was wrong with him. While watching him Siobhan noticed a dark claw mark on the back of the dwarf’s neck, and when the rest of the part returned she checked to find the mark faintly on the necks of each of them, a physical marker of the curse left upon them by the cult wizard they had slain. Sasha went at Siobhan’s urging to find an experienced healer from her order of Clerics but the man they found had no power over such a curse, and they were left with little choice but to tend to their friend’s symptoms as best as they could.

During this time Carwyn met again with Devi to discuss the upcoming tourney, and his requests for information and/or sabotage of the other tourney players. Some information was provided.

The following day the three left Hien in the care of the colorful innkeeper to attend the King’s Tourney, hoping to be victorious and win both the prize and the king’s ear. After registering with a man who referred to himself as ‘Bang’ they were escorted to a room inside the arena to await their first matchup.

The first match put the party against a pair of martial artists who wielded flames as well as fists. Through solid tactics the party managed to quickly down the first of the two, which sent the other into a literal fiery rage. However when the man was about to unleash his most powerful attack he was stopped by his elderly master, who declared his disciples forfeit for his student’s intent to kill. Though bewildered, the party moved on to the next rung of the tourney and returned to their resting area to await the next challange of the day.

The second fight was against a trio who had been wandering the Azure Wasteland, a staff wielding monkey man, a green skinned barbarian woman, and a kindly looking old Priest of a Sarameli appearance. The fight began difficult for the party this time as the green woman transformed into a variety of fierce beasts which dealt an enormous amount of damage while the party struggled to contend with the quick fighting style of Waka the drunken monkey. However fortune turned to the party’s favor when the wild transformations of Jun the shapeshifter left her in the form of a forest faerie, allowing the party to overwhelm their enemy while they had the opportunity.

Two matches concluded the first day of fighting, and the party was treated to a kingly feast along with the other competitors, where they were allowed to mingle with the party from the Wasteland, and afterwards meet Devi for new information about their fight the next day. A successful day of fighting left the party to rest, recover, and prepare themselves for the second and final day of the tourney.

The morning matchup for the group was against Alistar the Beastmaster and his large animal companions, a great eagle and a dire wolf. Through clever spellwork Carwyn and Sasha managed to lock up Alistar and his eagle while Siobhan and her own animal companion contended with the dire wolf. After leaving the eagle asleep in the stands and bringing the dire wolf down the party easily dispatched the ranger, though not without him displaying a valiant attempt through swordplay and clever use of the pit terrain on the field. After the match the group was sent one final time to the waiting area to recover, where they met Devi once more for information about their last fight: ‘Prince’ Van of the sands.

In the very final match the group entered a large flat arena at the end of which awaited Van, a dwarf wielding a bow, and a man in desert robes wielding magical sand. Siobhan split off from the group to avoid having them all caught in the path of the mage’s magic, and was met in the upper half of the arena by Van. Carwyn and Sasha made their way to the south end to contend with the sand mage while the dwarf enjoyed an unmolested freedom with which to pepper the party with arrows from the edge of the arena. After enduring many rounds of cuts, spells, and having the cat repeatedly dropped by Van and the dwarf’s combined attacks Sasha managed to put the finishing blow on the enemy team’s mage, allowing them to gang up on Van. The remaining pair still put up a hard fight, dropping the weakened Siobhan repeatedly with her many wounds and forcing Carwyn to restore her to consciousness with his Lay on Hands. Finally from the ground Siobhan managed to strike Van true, sending him down to the ground beside her. The party managed to quickly corner the dwarf and finish him as well, ending the match and resolving themselves as the champions of the tourney to the roaring applause of the crowd and crown.


gcraig Narukenai

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