The Slaughter Continues

The snake wasn’t quite so cooperative in their plan. Their bait was taken by some small cat-like creatures with the ability to teleport. The party decided to follow them into the cave. Surrounded by glowing, floating crystals, they were attacked by the cat-creatures. Slaying two of them easily, the fight was joined by an enormous snake, which used ingested crystals to fly about the battle. The adventurers dispatched the cat-men and the snake without too much difficulty, following a few misadventures in flight due to vomited up crystal shards. As they were deciding what to do with the remains, an entrance under the waterfall opened up revealing more of the small cat-like creatures. These seemed somewhat less diseased and a lot more interested in discourse rather than combat. In awe of the party’s might, they invited them into their cave…


gcraig Kittybird

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