The Tragedian

Following their battle with the serpent in the cave, the party was welcomed into the cave’s inner reaches by the cat-like creatures previously encountered. Unlike those that attacked the party, these seemed less like demons and more like bipedal felines, all wrapped up in their own society below the earth. An elder reveals that they have been largely confined inside for some years due to the corruption of the serpent – a former guardian of the caves that was driven mad by the consumption of the strange, floating-rock material.

After being ushered into a room to meet with the elders, time seemed to slow down and altogether stop for the adventurers. A wall in the back of the elder’s room now contained a door not previously there – a shining rectangle of light in the relative darkness of the torch-lit room.

Curious to see what was inside, the party into the light and came into a strangely dark room, lit only by a gigantic bell jar with strange floating lights inside. Before the jar stood a great statuesque humanoid figure of some seven feet in height – with skin as smooth as polished stone and midnight purple in appearance. He wore no clothes and had no noticeable features other than a pair of glowing blue eyes.

The name he gave when asked was The Tragedian.

He gave a warning to the adventurers: that great tragedy would come about and that they must have a hand in further tragedy to stop it – all of it centering around the bell jar itself. He claimed that they were too early – and when asked about the Azure Lady’s involvement, he seemed show a sign of recognition and acknowledged her part in the events surrounding his warning.

At one point in the conversation, the color of the Tragedian’s eyes changed to red. The figure cut the meeting short and sent the party on their way.


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