Wrecking Rekk and Burning a Shadow

The adventurers, following their encounter with the Tragedian, agreed to take along a member of the cat-like people, a small fellow named Ny-An – apparently able to breathe fire and something of a student of lore.

The party retrieved the large floating rock previously requested by Kiliko for his “airship,” and soon were on their way back to Kosch’Rael. When they neared the city, a man in armor calling himself Rekk insisted that the party meet with the Duke of Marlais – and asked that if they refused, they give him the Gem of Life.

Rekk seemed familiar with Hien – and things quickly turned sour when Rekk grew more insistent. The two groups fought, with most of Rekk’s followers quickly falling to the party. One of the more cunning members of Rekk’s group attempted to take Ny-An hostage, and in exchange Rekk and the man were allowed to leave for letting Ny-An go.

When the party returned to the city, they dropped off the floating rock at Kiliko’s laboratory before being taken back to the Pale Shadow with Torq.

The Pale Shadow had been burned in their absence, and Hashmir’s corpse was found in the rubble along with the ominous symbol of the cult burned into the stone.


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