Wyrmlord Slain

Fully rested from their previous exploits under the gracious hospitality of The Necromancer, the adventurers headed to the mines to take care of the giant snake mentioned by the goblin. While they were discussing the details of their plan they were approached by a group of wyrmkin and an obviously evil wizard. Under a flag of truce, he asked them to retrieve for him the blood of the snake. Carwyn’s negotiations broke down rather shortly, and the adventurers leapt upon the wizard, taking him by surprise. Carwyn called upon previously unknown powers to put the wyrmkin to sleep, leaving the wizard undefended. They quickly surrounded him and finished him off, but not before taking some rather nasty injuries and a dark curse, the effects of which are still quite unknown. They decided to camp out that night, to heal and prepare a plan to lure the snake out of its cave.


gcraig Kittybird

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