Mil Ganiel

The Eccentric Bard


At first glance:
A petite, attractive woman of indeterminable age with a thick nest of long, dark curls, golden tanned skin, and hazel eyes. A swirly patterned bandanna of green and gray with thin silver coins sewed to the edges threads through her thick hair and over her head without lifting her hair enough to reveal her ears, to those who can tell it has a faint magical aura. She travels in a green drape-like shirt that has no form of sleeves and is held to her body with an assortment of thin, brown, leather belts crisscrossing over her chest. Her shoulders would have been bare if not for brown shawl that is hooked around her neck and billows down around her elbows and upper chest. A long, green skirt attaches to the thick leather belt at her waist and blows in the wind around her legs, it settles around her knees in the back and sides but slopes off to the sides at her pelvic area to reveal tight, brown leggings and well-worn leather boots. Metal bracers with whimsical indents wrap around her forearms and over the back of her hands, also carrying a faint magical aura. She carries a strange stringed instrument on her back by a strap over one shoulder that looks similar to a lute or violin but a little larger and more square with an assortment of wooden strips over the strings at the neck that vaguely remind of the inner workings of a piano and an intrumental bow tied by leather strips to it’s side. The wood of the instrument is ornately decorated with vine-like swirls and a few leaves carved into it. Over her other shoulder is the strap of a smooth, leather bag that swings at her side and appears stuffed to the brim. A hook on the front of the bag supports a longbow with white and black feathers tied to the ends. On the opposite hip is a quiver of arrows with black and white fletching and a dull, red scabbard with a steel longsword attached to her belt.


Mil Ganiel is a name from folklore, and a story generally known in every part of the civilized continent but not always in the same fashion. Rumors crop up all the time of Mil Ganiel from all over, and many of them contradict. When traveler’s hear her name and a story unlike the one they themselves know they often feel the need to put forth their coppers with their own version and then bring both stories with them as they travel the open words. The only thing that is ever agreed upon no matter where you’ve been is that in present day Mil is a rather eccentric traveling minstrel, and that she is indeed female.

In Adoga Kesh Mil was said to have been a human princess engaged to be married to a handsome prince, though she had never even met him much less loved him. Instead she loved a servant who she had known since she was small. Instead of being married off the two had come up with a plan to run away together, and the jealous prince caught wind of it. When the time came to run away Mil found the prince and her lover’s corpse, poisoned by his daily bread, in their secret hiding spot. Mil slew the prince in vengeance and ran away before either body could be found, taking the road that she and her lover were going to go on, and she has since never stopped running.

In the rolling sands of San Saramel they say Mil is an elven maiden, going from place to place in search of the murderer who slew her entire family. She cannot speak his name or ask the townfolk of his description for she fears that even an utterance would bring his spies down upon her before she can find him, but she eyes the crowds for him and if she believed you are an accomplice you would find her in a dark corner at every turn. Whether or not the murderer is that influential or if she’s just paranoid is debated.

In Kokura and it’s outlying area Mil is said to not have a heartbeat at all. Her chest is empty of void of any working organs, her blood is black, if you were to put a knife through her she wouldn’t feel a thing, and that she does not age. They say that she had been cursed to walk the world for all eternity by a powerful wizard who she had accidently insulted by bumping into him on the road, and that she travels perpetually, not getting attached to anyone, for fear of the pain of watching them die while she cannot.

Mil Ganiel

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