Navarre the Osprey - Sorceror-King of Ser'Rael


In the time before Orlandon’s line – the time before man ruled Ser’Rael and fought amongst the city-states, Navarre ruled. Known as the Osprey, Navarre was one of the Sorceror-Kings who ruled the lands before common men rose up against them.

Little is known of his personality or appearance – aside from some sketchy reports and the vague descriptions of books that cast the Sorceror-Kings as mythology. What is known is that he ruled as a tyrant in conjunction with the other Sorceror-Kings, oppressing the people and seeking further magical power – the power to ascend to godhood, some said – until Orlandon V’s ancestor rose up with the help of the dwarves led by the clan lord Groken and overthrew him.

It is said that he was ultimately held off from unleashing his full power and annihilating the rebellion by a group of defectors within his palace just long enough for the binders loyal to Orlandon to arrive and seal him away.

Navarre the Osprey - Sorceror-King of Ser'Rael

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