Siobhan Van'Kallen

Druidic Warrior


Siobhan is a maiden of mixed heritage, her father a Ser’Rael trader who fell in love with a San Saramel woman. As a child she was wild and rambuncous, a tomboy incarnate who loved nothing more than to tussle in the streets and romp in the woods. As the child grew into a young woman she found kindred spirits in the ways of the Argol Priests, who taught the harmony of nature and the unity of all things through their martial arts. At home as much in the woods as in the city she took the path of the druid, reveling in the grandeur of life itself. Once she came of age, with her training behind her, she took upon herself to see the world as her father once had, to experience the wonders of life and its mysteries.

Siobhan is a giant of a woman standing over six and a half feet in height, her muscular frame bound in suntouched skin that belies her mixed ancestry. Red-Brown hair flows down to her knees in wild curls, a single long lock woven with a pair of long bladed feathers from some majestic bird. Her eyes are a rich green, deep and thoughtful with a touch of mirth as they survey the world around her. She’s an amazonian figure, strong but womanly, the curvature of her waist defined and toned, her legs long and shapely, her breast full and prominent. She moves with a confident gait, stepping with surprising grace for her obvious strength, her gaze turned up to look the world in the face.
While travelling or adventuring Siobhan wears a jerkin of thick animal hides with tanned leggings and well worn boots, plus a broad brimmed hat and a traveller’s cloak to protect her from the elements. At her side is strapped a wickedly curved blade, at the other hangs a gnarled oak club and a simple sling, and a heavy oak shield is slung across her back along with her simple pack. A leather strap keeps a simple clay jug at her waist, marked with some unknown sigil and sloshing with some liquid as she moves. When in a town or otherwise unthreatened she dresses in loose clothing with a number of colorful silk sashes, in the style of San Saramel.

Siobhan Van'Kallen

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