Wyrmlord Slain

Fully rested from their previous exploits under the gracious hospitality of The Necromancer, the adventurers headed to the mines to take care of the giant snake mentioned by the goblin. While they were discussing the details of their plan they were approached by a group of wyrmkin and an obviously evil wizard. Under a flag of truce, he asked them to retrieve for him the blood of the snake. Carwyn’s negotiations broke down rather shortly, and the adventurers leapt upon the wizard, taking him by surprise. Carwyn called upon previously unknown powers to put the wyrmkin to sleep, leaving the wizard undefended. They quickly surrounded him and finished him off, but not before taking some rather nasty injuries and a dark curse, the effects of which are still quite unknown. They decided to camp out that night, to heal and prepare a plan to lure the snake out of its cave.

Bellario Defeated

Inside the vault lie dozens of masks, supposedly all belonging to members of the necromancer’s line. The mask of Bellario spoke mockingly, and then joined with the other masks to form a giant golem of masks. After a pitched battle against Bellario’s golem, evil masks which attempted to take control of the adventurers’ actions, and a couple of dancing skeletons the heroes emerged victorious. Grateful for their help, Balthazar granted them full sponsorship into the tournament.

Meeting the Necromancer

After a full night’s rest at the inn and one more strange encounter with the Jester during the night, the party decided to make contact with the Necromancer in an attempt to gain his sponsorship for the tournament. Michel LeGrande was seen to be speaking with a member of the Ram’s Sons. Explaining that there were to be searches for the cultists in the area, LeGrande then promptly rented a set of horses out to the adventurers.

Arriving early in the afternoon, the group was greeted with the sight of an expansive estate walled in by a fence of iron. A strange hulk of a man named Kronk took the travelers to the inner manse, where they were greeted by a man in a strange, tall mask. This man turned out to be Balthazar Morrison, colloquially known as the Necromancer. Actually something of a doctor as well as part time Necromancer, Balthazar explained his need for positive publicity to the party before requesting that they go to confront his father in the sub-level of the basement. Fighting their way through a strange group of dancing skeletons, the party came across the Morrison vault before going to confront Bellario, the long-dead father and enemy of Balthazar.

The King's Brother

After leaving the dream world where they fought with Navarre the adventurers discussed what their next step should be. They decided to meet with the man who called himself the hand who revealed himself to be the late brother of the King, brought back from the dead by a man who the group had assumed to be the Jester. He told them that he was the previous hand and has been trying to aid his brother since his resurrection. He also told them that in order to enter the tournament they would need a sponsor. Unfortunately, most of the sponsors had already chosen their champions, so the adventurers had to investigate further. They managed to gather information about a man known as “The Necromancer” who might be able to sponsor their participation, so they set out in order to find his estate.

Questionable Deaths

The party faced down the quartet of guards and their shrieker beast, and with the arrival of Hien to the dream they managed to overcome them readily. Once slain the group proceeded to the door on the other end of the hall, which seemed locked and warded by a glowing magical glyph in the shape of the spiral seen throughout the temples they had found the artifacts in. Carwyn tried opening the door, then knocked and received answer from a crow man named Gossend, who bore a striking resemblance to the illusionist Dessango. He allowed the party into the chamber but asked the group to not disturb Nevarre, who was busy in some kind of meeting. The group observed the tail end of the cloaked man standing upon a spiral eye sigil and asking for unity and aid from a number of shadowy figures in the room before they left by magic, stepping into darkened windows to disappear.

Nevarre turned his attention to the group with utmost confidence in his demeanor, throwing back his hood to reveal the head of a great bird upon his shoulders rather than a man’s. Wielding a falchion and bolts of searing lightning he fought the group, taking a few solid hits before eventually overwhelming the party with magic just as the Jester had warned them. As the dream faded away Sacha saw the last moments of the past person’s memory, a large number of people with priests amongst them pouring into the chamber, and Nevarre being driven back to the wall in fear as they placed some kind of magic upon him.

Thieves and Dreams

After reconvening at the Lusty Queen, the adventurers decided that they needed to find out exactly what the supposed “Hand” was up to. A brief conversation with Devi only strengthened their resolve to find out more about what was happening with the man who had been meeting with them so far. They were then informed that the previous undead assault was released by a member of the cult that has pursued the adventurers, and that the Ram’s Sons were cleaning up the mess. Siobhan, Sacha, and Hien left the still-recovering Carwyn to trek back across the city to the Pale Shadow in order to contact the “Hand” in some way or another.

Arriving at the Pale Shadow without incident, the trio was warmly welcomed by Hashmir, who gave them two messages that had been left since their last visit. The first was a message from Torq, who seemed forgiving about the earlier fight between them. The second was from the “Hand,” who requested a meeting at the manor that he used as a base of operations. The three decided to wait for Torq, who would eventually show up.

Back at the Lusty Queen, Carwyn found himself under the power of suggestion when a figure cloaked in shadow with pale blue eyes arrived and broke in. Making off with the Mirror and the Jewel, the bell-ringing figure led Carwyn on something of a wild goose chase around the city with his aura, despite having left the jewel on a rooftop for Carwyn to find.

When the search proved fruitless and the other party had convinced Torq to set up a meeting at the Black Boar, the party once again returned to the Lusty Queen and caught each other up on the goings-on of the evening. After demanding a different, more secure room, Carwyn and the others began to sleep in shifts, and while Hien was on watch, the others fell into a deep slumber and dreamed.

Greeted by the strange Jester, the group found themselves in a period long before the current era, replacing three individuals who were to arrest the sorceror-king Navarre in preparation for Orlandon’s assault on the keep. They now find themselves in the midst of a deadly battle with the guards left to protect the sorceror-king’s chamber.

Reclaiming the Dwarf
Undead Attack!
  • Sacha went to collect Hien from jail
  • Undead attacked the jail
  • Sacha and Hien found a secret passage in another jail cell
  • Found a cache by Groken ancestor under the city
  • Sacha nearly died from an undead attack
  • Got found by guards and taken to get healed
  • Made it back to the inn
Escapes and Alleyways

With Torq blocking the exit from the relic chamber and unwilling to allow the party to pass, the group was forced to fight him to escape. After a brief bout with neither siding wanting to deal lasting damage, Torq was knocked unconcious by a combination of sword and fist, and the party rushed from the hidden space and out into the city proper. While maneuvering through the alleyways towards the seedier districts the party came upon a dark scene: A pair of cloaked figures performing a dark ritual upon a murdered citygoer. From the victim’s body a sickening head arose, and the cloaked figures revealed themselves to be the wyrmkin the thief’s guild had warned them were out for revenge. By drawing on more dark magic they closed off the alleyway and were joined by a pair of allies. After a tough battle against enemies on both sides the party slew the vengeful wyrmkin and their hideous creation, then hurried on through the alleyways to the slums. Once arrived they procured rooms at a local inn with a nautical theme, whose proprietor claims to be an explorer of great renown settled down in his later life.

The Last Artifact

Not knowing who to turn to, the party of adventurers found a seedy tavern to discuss their options. Deciding to hang on to the artifacts for now, they are about to leave when they received a message that the leader of “The Guild” wanted to meet with them.
They met back at the tavern, had a few words with a foreign half-elven bard noble, and eventually made a deal with the thieves’ guild leader, a sweet young girl who probably is not all that she seems.
In order to gain as much information as they can about the “Hand”, Carwyn and Sioban persuaded Torq to take them to the hidden vault where the last artifact is being kept. Unknown to the adventurers, they were followed by the raven man. Carwyn took the jewel, and while everyone was distracted by the raven’s entrance, pocketed it. Torq was ordered to make sure the party does not leave while the Hand is fetched. The part had other ideas, and attempts to convince Torq to let them go. Failing that, a fight ensues.

Through the Puzzle Box
Major Events
  • Hien left out the secret entrance after the party defeated the gelatinous cube; it appears he’s been arrested
  • Rest of the party went into the passage the gelatinous cube came from
  • Beat a wax golem in a game of riddles; he gave us his heart (a ruby)
  • Assaulted by a moving suit of armor; Sacha determined that this was another riddle after getting a look at the inscription on the suit’s sword
  • Took the suit’s sword and left out a back exit
  • Party came out in what appears to be the palace; left without being seen

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