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The Story Thus Far

Caerwyn, Sacha, and Siobhan travelled west to the capital of Ser’Rael, going together for entertainment and protection upon the road. They ran afoul of a checkpoint that was choked with people who were not being allowed passage, but when it seemed like their journey would be halted a man in black robes calling himself ‘the Hand’, supposedly a high ranking agent of the King, offered to allow them to bypass the checkpoint if they would assist him with a task. Having little recourse the group accepted and travelled to the deep of the Ghostwoods to retrieve a magical mirror for their mysterious benefactor.

After fighting their way through hideous swarms of insects and local monstrosities the group found their way to a ruined temple in the very center of the ominous woods, set upon a hill in a strange glade that seemed to cut a hole in the gloom of the place. The enterance was blocked by a stone slab on which was set a puzzle that had to be solved by rearranging tablets into slots, which when put in the shape of an eye caused a spring of water to come forth. Drinking the water allowed the group to enter the ancient Temple, where they encountered shortly in a Chimera beast which demanded they leave the temple. After trying to speak to the beast it attacked, but when struck was revealed to be an illusion and disappeared. They found where it stood an oddly pitted rod.

Moving further into the temple they came across a number of Orcs lead by a particularly large, but dimwitted looking warrior. After conversing Caerwyn convinced the leader to go confer with those further in the temple and the group fought the remainder, revealing most of them to be illusory. Upon the bodies of those that were not they found another pitted rod, then moved on. A side passage lead down to a locked vault which seemed to require both the rods and some form of extra key in the shape of a wedge, so the group went deeper into the temple in search of this final piece. They came upon a wall of fire blocking their path, but Caerwyn found a side passage hidden to the side by illusory magic by chance which lead the group around the obstacle and into the final room of the temple, where they found the Orc being chided by a goblin and a crow-man in red robes.

The group confronted this gathering of odd creatures, resulting in a short conversation before the crow-man dropped the key on the ground, summoned a pair of efreet creatures to fight the party, then fled with the others out a passage behind them. After defeating the summoned creatures the party retrieved the last part of the key and, seeing that the other group was so far ahead of them, went to open the locked door. Within they found a study of sorts with a number of sleeping rolls laid about, some shelves laden with old books and a desk upon which sat an ornate mirror. Caerwyn lifted the mirror and looking within was drawn into a trance, where the mirror offered him whatever he desired in exchange for his soul. Before he could respond he was drawn from the trance by Siobhan shaking him, and his memory of the event became fuzzy so as to forget the price of what the mirror offered. Having an ominous feeling about the mirror however, they wrapped it in cloth and ransacked the room, finding some treasure and a magical bag hidden away in a secret compartment of the desk which they used to carry the vast number of old books out from the temple with them.

Returning to the road they met again with the hand, who was accompanied by the strange trio they encountered in the ancient temple. He introduced them to the party as Torq the orc warrior, Desango the crow Illusionist, and Killik(?) the tinkerer. He stated that the task was in part a test as anything, and requested the group’s aid as ‘undercover’ agents to gather these important artifacts and thwart an imminent threat to the King’s life. The group, untrusting of this strange individual, agreed to assist but would not hand over the Mirror to the man. He gave to them a sigil of the Hand which allowed them passage through the checkpoint, and said they would meet again once they made it to the capital.

Once past the checkpoint the group travelled for a few days, encountering along the road as they did the site of an ambush. When investigating the campsite along the road they found some of the corpses clawed, while others stabbed with some kind of spear wound, but as they got closer the bodies rose to attack them. Once put down for good the group gathered the bodies and burned them, paying their respects as they did so. However when the pire was lit they heard the voice of a woman from seemingly nowhere asking about why they were burning the bodies, to which Siobhan calmly replied, informing her companions that the voice was the ‘Azure Lady’ and they need not be concerned.

After more travel they arrived at a trading outpost where they took a rest, socializing with the locals at the tavern. They learned of strange attacks in the region and an abandoned fort to the north from which one local in particular claimed to hear ghastly sounds. Convincing the man to show them the way, they investigated the site and found a grisly slaughterhouse. Upon a pedestal in the back they witnessed a gnoll impale a young woman with a magical spear, then engaged him and his goblin minions in combat. When the gnoll fell he transformed into a hideous black creature which pressed the party hard before being slain under an onslaught of blades, claws, and Siobhan’s magicked Shillelagh. Following the battle the group used some of the holy water taken from the ruined temple to clear runes of blood from the ground so as to remove the curse of the place, which had constructed a magical barrier around it. While doing so they encountered the enigmatic ‘jester’, who made some ominous and vague statements before disappearing shortly after Caerwyn took a potshot at him. Returning with the head of the beast and news of the slain farmers the group was hailed as heroes, given free reign to the village and the tankards before being seen off to the city in the morning.

Upon their arrival in the city they used their sigil to pass by the checkpoint at the gates and into the city proper, where they roamed around a while before finding a good tavern in which to take their rest. Inside they met Torq, with whom they shared a drink, before being approached rudely by a man in fine dress claiming to be a Viscount there to compete in the tournament, and complaining loudly about the influx of travellers to the city. Torq took this opportunity to pass out into his cups, causing his axe to slide off the bar and strike the man in the foot, which drove him into a furious tirade. With his temper rising he attacked the group verbally, and when they did not back down at his words he commanded his hired men to attack. After a battle in the tavern the men were felled and Siobhan chased the man up to his room, then out into the street as he leapt from the second story window. She and Cera caught up to him, causing him to whimper and wet himself as they began to drag him back to the bar. As they neared however a trio of armed men from the thieve’s guild claimed the man, warning Siobhan to not cross the guild before leaving with him.

After looting the Viscount’s room and using some of his gold to pay for the damages in apology to the innkeep, they were asked to leave. Torq lead the group to another Inn closer to the city walls called the Pale Shadow, which belonged to a San Saramel man and stylized in the same fashion. They found their lodgings there for the night, and that catches us up with the present.

One Hand Doesn't Know What the Other is Doing

During the night at the Pale Shadow Caerwyn was visited with a strange dream of complete darkness, in which a disembodied voice held a conversation with him about the Mirror and the awakening power within him, warning him that he was not alone in his possession of said ability. He awoke far earlier than usual, joining Siobhan in the commons for morning tea (though drinking ale himself). Once Sacha had awoken they had breakfast and discussed the business at hand before the arrival of Desango, who asked the group to meet with the Hand at the tournament grounds. Heading out of the city they went to the construction site for the tourney, a large coliseum being built for the occasion. There they encountered Torq, who brought them inside one of the finished rooms.

There they met with the Hand, as well as a sturdy Dwarf mercenary by the name of Hien. The Hand wished the group to retrieve another artifact, this one hidden in a ruined temple of a now forgotten god of Light upon which had been built the modern temple of the seven facet god. Hien was to be their companion and guide to the site, within the temple grounds. The group, still distrusting of the Hand, was unwilling to give him the mirror. The Hand explained that the Mirror was one of three artifacts: The Mirror of Shattered Dreams, the Crystal of Life, and the Sword of Souls, which had been thought lost to antiquity. The mirror he claimed would grant any wish, at the cost of the wisher’s soul. The Crystal would instill the person who possessed it with vitality and life. The Sword he did not expound upon, but said that together they could create a mighty protection for the King. Furthermore he urged that the mirror was being sought after by many, including the thieve’s guild, and it would be much safer in his hands. Still unsure, they asked for a proof of his identity, and exasperated the Hand claimed he would be beside the King at a speech held in the market square that afternoon, and that should be proof. The group agreed to see this speech, then meet the Hand at the Pale Shadow to hand over the Mirror if they were properly satisfied.

The group shopped around, repaired some clothing, and burned a little time in the square before the arrival of a royal enterouge. The King was accompanied by a Sheik of San Saramel, as well as by an aging but stalwart looking man with a sword, and a man in black robes. Examining the man they noticed that his robes were clasped in silver, and much finer than their mysterious benefactor’s, which drove their suspicion. Siobhan pushed up to the horses of the royal entourage, using the sigil of the Hand to have the guards draw the attention of the man in robes to bring him over. Meeting him face to face he drew his hood back, giving them a face to see, complere with a spider tattoo that marked him as a spymaster (and once a slave), a voice to hear, and a much shorter stature than the other “Hand” they had met. They discussed the situation with the man, spoke of the artifacts and the apparantly ‘false’ Hand that had given them the sigil and sent them on their quest. The Hand said he would look into the matter, and encouraged the group to continue to work with the other Hand to perhaps find out what he was doing.

After ducking into a seedy tavern to discuss this new revelation, the group decided it would be best to hunt down this other artifact regardless of whether or not they planned to ever give it to the the False Hand. As such they made their way through the Military District to the temple of the seven facet god, and using the ruse of desiring to understand the religion they were lead about the temple by the High Priest, who eventually left them alone for a time in the Crystal Chamber, where they believed the secret passage to the underground temple would be. Hien decided to take this time to chip off a piece of the statue of the Crone for his collection. Once the room had cleared a bit they located a lever which opened a secret passage behind the altar leading downward, and made their way through the dark passage.

The narrow passage lead them to a room lined with sarcophagi, each marked with the spiral eye symmbol which they’d learned to associate with this forgotten deity. A pit trap awaited them in the room, causing them to pause and pull the Dwarf up from the trap before heading on into another trap, as the sarcophagi burst open to reveal four armed skeletons wielding swords in each hand. The skeletons managed to injure Hien though he gave it back in turn, and together the group destroyed the skeletons. After searching the bodies and the sarcophagi for valuables, they moved through the room to the next.

Another passage lead them to a circular room, within which was set an enormous spiral eye above an altar, which shimmered and rippled as if made of water. The eye itself was highly ominous, giving the feeling as if it was watching each member of the group intently. Suddenly from within the eye a large gelatinous cube pushed out, flopping to the ground to aggress the party. As they began to back away from the thing they noticed an odd cloudiness about it and the floating remains of armor and a weapon within its obscured mass. After a very close encounter with the hideous thing in which almost the entire party became engulfed in a single round, they managed to largely escape its paralyzing acid while guiding it back into the other room to trap it in the pit, then finish it off.

Through the Puzzle Box
Major Events
  • Hien left out the secret entrance after the party defeated the gelatinous cube; it appears he’s been arrested
  • Rest of the party went into the passage the gelatinous cube came from
  • Beat a wax golem in a game of riddles; he gave us his heart (a ruby)
  • Assaulted by a moving suit of armor; Sacha determined that this was another riddle after getting a look at the inscription on the suit’s sword
  • Took the suit’s sword and left out a back exit
  • Party came out in what appears to be the palace; left without being seen
The Last Artifact

Not knowing who to turn to, the party of adventurers found a seedy tavern to discuss their options. Deciding to hang on to the artifacts for now, they are about to leave when they received a message that the leader of “The Guild” wanted to meet with them.
They met back at the tavern, had a few words with a foreign half-elven bard noble, and eventually made a deal with the thieves’ guild leader, a sweet young girl who probably is not all that she seems.
In order to gain as much information as they can about the “Hand”, Carwyn and Sioban persuaded Torq to take them to the hidden vault where the last artifact is being kept. Unknown to the adventurers, they were followed by the raven man. Carwyn took the jewel, and while everyone was distracted by the raven’s entrance, pocketed it. Torq was ordered to make sure the party does not leave while the Hand is fetched. The part had other ideas, and attempts to convince Torq to let them go. Failing that, a fight ensues.

Escapes and Alleyways

With Torq blocking the exit from the relic chamber and unwilling to allow the party to pass, the group was forced to fight him to escape. After a brief bout with neither siding wanting to deal lasting damage, Torq was knocked unconcious by a combination of sword and fist, and the party rushed from the hidden space and out into the city proper. While maneuvering through the alleyways towards the seedier districts the party came upon a dark scene: A pair of cloaked figures performing a dark ritual upon a murdered citygoer. From the victim’s body a sickening head arose, and the cloaked figures revealed themselves to be the wyrmkin the thief’s guild had warned them were out for revenge. By drawing on more dark magic they closed off the alleyway and were joined by a pair of allies. After a tough battle against enemies on both sides the party slew the vengeful wyrmkin and their hideous creation, then hurried on through the alleyways to the slums. Once arrived they procured rooms at a local inn with a nautical theme, whose proprietor claims to be an explorer of great renown settled down in his later life.

Reclaiming the Dwarf
Undead Attack!
  • Sacha went to collect Hien from jail
  • Undead attacked the jail
  • Sacha and Hien found a secret passage in another jail cell
  • Found a cache by Groken ancestor under the city
  • Sacha nearly died from an undead attack
  • Got found by guards and taken to get healed
  • Made it back to the inn
Thieves and Dreams

After reconvening at the Lusty Queen, the adventurers decided that they needed to find out exactly what the supposed “Hand” was up to. A brief conversation with Devi only strengthened their resolve to find out more about what was happening with the man who had been meeting with them so far. They were then informed that the previous undead assault was released by a member of the cult that has pursued the adventurers, and that the Ram’s Sons were cleaning up the mess. Siobhan, Sacha, and Hien left the still-recovering Carwyn to trek back across the city to the Pale Shadow in order to contact the “Hand” in some way or another.

Arriving at the Pale Shadow without incident, the trio was warmly welcomed by Hashmir, who gave them two messages that had been left since their last visit. The first was a message from Torq, who seemed forgiving about the earlier fight between them. The second was from the “Hand,” who requested a meeting at the manor that he used as a base of operations. The three decided to wait for Torq, who would eventually show up.

Back at the Lusty Queen, Carwyn found himself under the power of suggestion when a figure cloaked in shadow with pale blue eyes arrived and broke in. Making off with the Mirror and the Jewel, the bell-ringing figure led Carwyn on something of a wild goose chase around the city with his aura, despite having left the jewel on a rooftop for Carwyn to find.

When the search proved fruitless and the other party had convinced Torq to set up a meeting at the Black Boar, the party once again returned to the Lusty Queen and caught each other up on the goings-on of the evening. After demanding a different, more secure room, Carwyn and the others began to sleep in shifts, and while Hien was on watch, the others fell into a deep slumber and dreamed.

Greeted by the strange Jester, the group found themselves in a period long before the current era, replacing three individuals who were to arrest the sorceror-king Navarre in preparation for Orlandon’s assault on the keep. They now find themselves in the midst of a deadly battle with the guards left to protect the sorceror-king’s chamber.

Questionable Deaths

The party faced down the quartet of guards and their shrieker beast, and with the arrival of Hien to the dream they managed to overcome them readily. Once slain the group proceeded to the door on the other end of the hall, which seemed locked and warded by a glowing magical glyph in the shape of the spiral seen throughout the temples they had found the artifacts in. Carwyn tried opening the door, then knocked and received answer from a crow man named Gossend, who bore a striking resemblance to the illusionist Dessango. He allowed the party into the chamber but asked the group to not disturb Nevarre, who was busy in some kind of meeting. The group observed the tail end of the cloaked man standing upon a spiral eye sigil and asking for unity and aid from a number of shadowy figures in the room before they left by magic, stepping into darkened windows to disappear.

Nevarre turned his attention to the group with utmost confidence in his demeanor, throwing back his hood to reveal the head of a great bird upon his shoulders rather than a man’s. Wielding a falchion and bolts of searing lightning he fought the group, taking a few solid hits before eventually overwhelming the party with magic just as the Jester had warned them. As the dream faded away Sacha saw the last moments of the past person’s memory, a large number of people with priests amongst them pouring into the chamber, and Nevarre being driven back to the wall in fear as they placed some kind of magic upon him.

The King's Brother

After leaving the dream world where they fought with Navarre the adventurers discussed what their next step should be. They decided to meet with the man who called himself the hand who revealed himself to be the late brother of the King, brought back from the dead by a man who the group had assumed to be the Jester. He told them that he was the previous hand and has been trying to aid his brother since his resurrection. He also told them that in order to enter the tournament they would need a sponsor. Unfortunately, most of the sponsors had already chosen their champions, so the adventurers had to investigate further. They managed to gather information about a man known as “The Necromancer” who might be able to sponsor their participation, so they set out in order to find his estate.


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