Adoga Kesh

The City of Lights

Adoga Kesh is the traditional mountain home of the dwarves in Lorategia. The city-state lies within the Nibordh, a mountain range that shares the edge of San Saramel’s great Tokan deserts. The city-state is a theocracy, with the ruling power lying in the hands of elder members of the religion dedicated to the All-Father, or as he is named by the clerics, Geimdall Khom. The dwarves are expert craftsmen of metal, but their true talent lies with the sculpting of magical jewels of great value that are traded at exorbitant prices, and for good reason. While not strictly xenophobic, Adoga Kesh Is, by nature, isolationist, and its people are only truly friendly towards those who prove their reliability and honor of word. They are also famous for their warrior-clerics, who are fiercely protective of their mountain home. While the primary religion of the region is worship of Geimdall Khom, there is also a healthy following of ancestral worship at the same time. It is not uncommon to find that a dwarf is born and blessed in one of the All-Father’s temples and is given a funeral service at an ancestral shrine.


Primary Religion:

Adoga Kesh

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