San Saramel

The Desert Emerald

San Saramel is the city-state occupying the northeastern region of Lorategia, characterized by the vast Tokan deserts that are rumored to house splendid oases of ice. Though few make it to the capital, San Saramel is rumored to actually be a place of lush forest beauty; however, as few foreigners to the city are willing to make the arduous journey through the wastes, most of the information about San Saramel is provided by its own traveling merchants and citizens. These peoples, while welcoming of all races and religions, are all convinced of the apparent beauty and supremacy of their home city, though their testimony is suspect at best. San Saramel is apparently ruled by a small group of sheiks, each of which holds control over a different part of the city and represents his people for the society as a whole. The ruler over all of these is the Sultan of Silk, a man of great mystery who few have ever actually met in person, though he is rumored to never go without body-wrappings, even indoors.

The people of this region are a boisterous and happy group, eager to share stories and goods with many different people. They believe that their Lady of the Shifting Sands is a kind and merciful goddess, and that she encourages them to take an active interest in the other peoples of the world in order to further their understanding. Many from San Saramel are cartographers as a result of this, and their maps are often the most accurate one can find in the known world.

Little is known about their military force, but San Saramel is renowned as a city of master craftsmanship of beautiful design, most of which is inspired by the moon in some way.

Desert’s Mouth

Primary Religion:
The Lady of the Shifting Sands

San Saramel

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