The Dais of Power

Ser’Rael is an ancient kingdom on the continent of Lorategia, one of three continents in the known regions of the world. While the Ser’Rael has existed for centuries, it has only recently adopted a constitution that checks the king’s power with that of the aristocracy and the bureaucrats in the form of a House of Honors. The king himself, a human named Orlandon Rael, Fifth of His Name, is a kind man who is renowned as a lover of peace and intellectual freedom. He is a little foolhardy at times, and is prone to making decisions based more on passion than reason. Despite his best efforts at extending a peaceful hand to the neighboring peoples, the House of Honors behaves with incredible amounts of xenophobia. Very little trade is allowed into the kingdom, and most of the export is made under harsh regulations. As it stands, Ser’Rael is at an uneasy truce with the city-states in the outlying regions of the continent.

Perhaps the most impressive feat the people of Ser’Rael have accomplished is the construction of the Grand Wall, which stretches across many portions of the kingdom’s outer borders. This great structure is constructed from the remnants of the walls the sorcerer-kings created in their height of power.

While their military might is unmatched in tactics and sheer numbers, they have only recently begun to develop a hierarchy of magic within their military. As a result of realizing the potential of this magic, the government has decided that all showing signs of magical prowess are to undergo required military service, usually for a period of many years.


Primary Religion:
The Seven-Facet God


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