The Azure Wasteland

The Jungle of Blue Mists

The Azure Wasteland is not a city-state, but instead a region of vast expanses of jungle and water interlaced in a huge peninsula. Riches and vast ruins are said to be in this region, but the rumors of equally vast beasts as well as the constant threat of ferocious wildlife, lizardfolk, and feral elves is enough deterrent to keep all but the most adventurous or well-prepared away. The region is so named because of the massive hunks of rock and statues jutting out of the jungle, all of which is a deep, blue color. Of late, there have been reports of increased wildlife activity in the area. The only beings friendly in this area are the tribes of elves living in the foothills leading towards the Nibordh. While they are certainly at a much less developed state of civilization than the dwarves or Ser’Rael, they are accepting of outsiders as well as self-sufficient. The elves in this region worship a variety of primal deities, chief among them Verdakkar, the Green Man.


Primary Religion:

The Azure Wasteland

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