Escape From the City

The journey from the city to the sands.

And so it went that the party went through many trials and tribulations.

With the prince secure and the party safe, the adventurers found Kosch’Rael quickly falling to chaos. With Kiliko gone, the party recruited his brother to pilot the airship in case of emergency.

The thieves’ guild had been ransacked and raided, and Devi was found dead in her office leaving a few instructions to the party and parting wishes.

After this, the party went with Dessango and Torq to stop a supposed attack on the hideout where the airship was being stored.

Unfortunately, it was a trap. Guards and the Duke of Marlais himself greeted the party, blocking off their escape and revealing Dessango as a traitor to their cause.

A fight broke out when it became clear that no accord could be reached, and after being felled the Duke was revived by Dessango into a terrible serpent-headed beast. It seemed, for the moment, that the cultists’ plan had succeeded in creating a new sorcerer-king.

At the same time, Carwyn revealed his own pact with a demon named Alistair, empowering the young man in much the same way as the Duke before carving a path with the party to assist their escape. The party was forced to leave Carwyn behind, locked in a clash with the serpent king and making their way out past more demons to the airship.

Alistair saw the party off, and so they escaped. After a brief stop at the Necromancer’s estate to retrieve the prince and the household there, the reduced group began a long journey by air towards Siobhan’s ancestral homeland: San Saramel.

The artifacts had been stolen, replaced by fakes apparently by Carwyn or his demon’s hand. The city burned in the horizon with the remains of their battle as Siobhan, Sacha, Torq, and the others escaped. The future lay… uncertain.

The first step forward, it seemed, would have to be into a new place, a new society with its own rules and problems. The prince Durante needed support to retake the throne, and yet more trouble loomed on the horizon.

So it went.


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