• Carwyn Lyonsen

    Carwyn Lyonsen

    A handsom man with blond hair and a winning smile.
  • Hien Groken

    Hien Groken

    Dwarf Fighter
  • Mil Ganiel

    Mil Ganiel

    The Eccentric Bard
  • Sacha Marchand

    Sacha Marchand

    Sacha is of an average height with a slim but muscular build. She has very long, well kept black hair. Her eyes are a deep blue with a hint of light brown around the pupil.
  • Siobhan Van'Kallen

    Siobhan Van'Kallen

    Druidic Warrior
  • Ziva


    Small in stature, medium-length black hair and brown eyes, often has hair braided. Wears a simple armour of leather, and carries a mace and crossbow on her, along with a flute and small travel bag.