Anala Nour

Siobhan's Efreeti and partner, a powerful genie from the times before the Sorcerer-Kings ruled.


Anala Nour was once the leader of a small tribe of people descended from the genies and their human lovers living on Alhazred’s island. She served as both a leader and a seer under the name and title of Prism until the party arrived in the fiery desert where she made her home. When they stopped over in the camp, Anala decided to leave with Siobhan and the rest of the group once their work was done.

Leaving her people in the care of the Spirit of Fire and of Alhazred himself, Anala is more than happy to lend her aid to the party however she can in their travels.

As an Efreeti, Anala is naturally confident and has a good sense of wisdom about her after so many years. She is kind and has a good sense of humor, but defers to the party, and more specifically Siobhan’s, leadership.

Anala Nour

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