Devi Sweetwater

The guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in Kosch Rael


A girl of slight stature and iron will, Devi plays her part as the guildmaster very well. A short, blonde elf with a girlish personality that conceals a shrewd, business-minded individual, Devi has been the leader of the Thieves Guild in Kosch Rael for some time now. Perhaps some long time.

She first met with the adventurers at the Pale Shadow, hoping to establish a sort of agreement with the heroes in exchange for a future favor. She was willing to overlook their attack on her client, the viscount of Vormur, when he decided to default on his debt to the Guild. Now she occasionally pops in on the adventurers to see that they are getting just the right amount of information so that she will have her favor at a future date.

Devi Sweetwater

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