The Duke of Marlais

The Duke of Marlais, second in line to the throne of Ser'Rael and powerful politician in the city.


A particularly powerful politician and noble of Ser’Rael, the Duke of Marlais is cousin to the current king and third in line to the throne after the king’s son. Although the Carwyn, Sacha and the others have never met him, he seems to have taken a hand in their affairs.

He apparently supported the recent upheaval of several of Kendariel’s temples in Kosch’Rael to make way for those of a minor religion locally referred to as the Burning Heart. He is also the apparent benefactor of the swordsman Van, who encountered the adventurers several times previously – and has been something of a rival to them.

Those who know him describe him as a grandfather – a man of infinite patience and kindness. He is well known among the more wealthy members of society in Kosch’Rael as an avid philanthropist and artist in his spare time – few speak of his past before becoming a prominent member of Kosch’Rael’s House of Honors. What is known is that he was an incredibly successful general in the campaigns against San’Saramel and Adoga Kesh before his uncle’s rise to power and the subsequent treaties that quelled further fighting amongst the people of Lorategia. He was never known to have lost a battle – and was called the “Sword Sheathed in Satin” by his men.

With the death of the king, he took leadership very quickly, directing more and more of his black guards to take to the streets for the purposes of security.

More recently, he was found to be the leader and main sponsor of the cultists rampaging through Kosch’Rael. The party was betrayed by Dessango, and in the ensuing chaos the Duke transformed into some dark creature with the head of a serpent and the magical abilities of something far more dangerous:


He rules now in the guise of a man once more, but his ties with demons and the cultists are perhaps more apparent than ever to those willing to see the truth.

The Duke of Marlais

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