San Saramel and the Isle of Four Elements.

From a mad city to a far madder dragon.

Siobhan and Sacha found relative calm and safety upon arriving at Durante’s uncle’s estate. The late queen of Kosch’Rael’s brother welcomed the group and gave them shelter. Devi was revived and, after reestablishing some of her guild’s structure, left to look for Carwyn with Torq and a small party of her own.

Soon enough, Siobhan reconnected with her family, specifically her mother and the family estate of Kiddouri. This led to more connections becoming available to the party, and a chance meeting with one of the princes of the city: Alvares. Fourth in line to the throne, Alvares identifies himself as a friend to the people and something of a scholar. While Siobhan researched her apparent distant genie heritage, Alvares talked with her about the condition of the city.

The problem was simply summarized:

The commonfolk of the city felt that their concerns and rights were being trod upon by the nobility—the ruling class of the city.

In response, a mysterious figure called the Azure Efreeti began a movement called the Azure Brotherhood in order to keep some order in the streets as tensions rose. The occasional noble was robbed or kidnapped, but there were never any apparent deaths.

Siobhan met with this figure, and her sharp mind quickly picked out that he and Alvares were one and the same. The two worked together for a time in secret, helping the people where they could. Sacha, for her part, spent much time in meditation and prayer now that darkness did not plague their every step.

Dreams plagued Siobhan, and drove her to lead the party North from the city. An Eidolon called Saraxes had called out to her from the Isle of Four Elements. His master, an ancient blue dragon named Alhazred, had apparently been driven mad and needed assistance to cure his illness—the sacrifice of the Eidolon himself.

On their way to the island, the party encountered a bard named Mil Ganiel, who saw a story to be told in the party and their doings and joined in for the journey. With a brief interruption by a bounty hunter named Feng and a clash with a few others after the group, the travelers made their way by ship out to the Isle of Four Elements: Alhazred’s domain.


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